Obviously no Media in Bloomington-Normal

by:  Diane Benjamin

Evidently the local press lacks curiosity.  Maybe they aren’t allowed to do investigative reporting.  Maybe reporters can’t investigate the local “insiders”.  Maybe they can’t investigate their advertisers.  Maybe Illinois wouldn’t be so corrupt if REAL media existed.  

Below are some questions I’d be asking:

How about some investigation of the unemployment rate going up in McLean County?  Why is your only angle the official talking points of the Economic Development Council?

Have you reported State Farm sending 5000 employees back to India by the end of next year?  Have you looking into how many empty apartments will exist?  Have you looked into the economic impact on Bloomington-Normal business?  How about the schools?  Have you asked local governments if they are prepared?  (That’s 5000 plus families!)

Is the Coliseum parking deck still closed?

Is the Pantagraph supporting a downtown Bloomington hotel because their office building is for sale?

Does the Media ever question the number of studies commissioned and paid for by Bloomington – with TAX DOLLARS?

Did you ever ask Shari Buckellew, Founder of the Children’s Discovery Museum, why she was kicked out?  You didn’t find that odd?

Did you ever criticize former Bloomington Mayor Steve Stockton for anything?  Where did you think the low transparency score come from?

Did you think you held Mayor Renner accountable for his unconscionable comments on my site?  If you missed them:  http://blnnews.com/2013/12/22/mayor-transparency-exposed/ (I say NO)

Did you notice Mayor Renner only name calls and says nothing specific about what I supposedly got wrong?  Are you giving Renner a pass?

Did you ever report Mayor Renner WROTE the petition to get the Ward change on the March ballot?  That’s transparency?

Do you EVER write stories criticizing the local insiders?  Do you ever investigate them?  Why do you do fluff pieces to profile insiders while failing to report the news?

Have you ever criticized Bill or Dan Brady for anything?

Bloomington-Normal has no crime problem?  Seems the only reporting is when there are too many witnesses to cover it up!

Did you ever criticize former City Manager Tom Hamilton before he left?

Are you making the same mistake with David Hales?  Are you just waiting for comments from the paid spinner he is hiring?  Did you ask why he needs one?  Do you believe anybody will fall for quotes from this person?

You didn’t notice the roads have been falling apart for years?  Did you ever look up the budget for repairs and report what little money was budgeted?

Do you ever report anything negative about ISU, Wesleyan, BroMenn, State Farm, or other major employers?  Are you afraid of them?

Did you ever report on the Chamber of Commerce hand-picking who they wanted on the Council?  Why would a supposed organization to support free market business want to pick big government spenders?

Did you think current City Alderman have a conflict of interest when they sit on the boards of local organizations that want tax payer money?

Do you ever question Alderman Fruin’s weird statement before every consent agenda vote?  Something about no conflict of interest – when as a Realtor everything he votes on is a conflict.

Do you only report negatively on people you want to marginalize?

Pantagraph:  Do so few people write Letters to the Editor now that you don’t have enough to publish some everyday?

How many advertising dollars does media get from local businesses that prevent them from reporting problems?

How many advertising dollars does media get from local government that prevent them from investigating?

Pantagraph:  Do you read the Associated Press stories before you print them?  Do you actually believe Associated Press reports accurately?  “Passengers” were stuck in the Antarctic Ice?  Another rescue boat got stuck too?  Really?  No mention the ship “passengers” were scientists there to study Global Warming?   No mention it’s SUMMER there, and 2 boats got stuck?  How about tomorrow-the rescue-rescue-rescue boat is now stuck!

Did you actually talk to employees in the Recorder’s Office, instead of getting Kathy Michael’s talking points?  Did you know the change-over didn’t go smoothly?  Did you know the County Board screwed up the referendum and it required double work and a lot of time?  Do you know the County is superb at covering employee and elected official’s foibles?

I’m sure they enjoy having no investigative reporters!

Wish I had more time!




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  1. It’s why their readership is failing miserably. It’s merely a feel good, propaganda publication. As they say, it is not worth the paper it is printed on.

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