Fazzini follows Renner’s disrepect footsteps

by:  Diane Benjamin

Elected officials really hate to hear from THE PEOPLE.  It makes them very nervous to be watched because they don’t believe they work for the us.  They run for office with an agenda – to show everybody how smart they are and create a legacy.  When did people start electing elitists to office?  Maybe people got to busy, maybe they forgot local politicians can have a huge impact on your wallet.  Maybe they just fall for lies told during elections.

Here’s the latest edition of Alderman with an Attitude:

This email was sent to the City Council by Bloomington citizen Jeff Smith:


From: JL Smith [mailto:[email protected]
Sent: Thursday, January 02, 2014 1:14 PM
To: [email protected]; Tari Renner
Subject: city manager salary
I think the city manager should be happy with his $219K salary and other benefits he enjoys.  
I have yet to see any real effort to replace the expected jobs losses from State Farm. What is the city manager’s plan to bring in new businesses and to lower the cost of doing business in Bloomington besides creating TIF districts? The budget needs to decrease from $169 million by 5%. 
The coliseum is running at a loss along with golf courses. if the BCPA did not have tax subsidy, it be in the red! Where are the cost controls to remedy this situation? Where are the new gigs for the coliseum? We need need new management now at the coliseum and management open to new events such as having a Glenn Beck event and things that will put us on the map. 
If the city manager is not happy with his benefit, he is welcome to move on to a different city. 
Mahalo! (That’s Hawaiian for Thanks!) 

Jeffrey L. Smith 


Alderman Fazzini responded with this:

From: Robert Fazzini <[email protected]>
To: ‘JL Smith’ <[email protected]>; [email protected]; ‘Tari Renner’ <[email protected]
Sent: Thursday, January 2, 2014 3:40 PM
Subject: RE: city manager salary


Inaccuracies abound in your first four paragraphs.  Are you really Hawaiian?  Sorry, Jim, I just couldn’t help myself!
Robert B. Fazzini
Can you be any more condescending Rob?  Did you notice his name isn’t JIM?  If you felt the need to respond, why didn’t you tell him what was inaccurate?  You must be taking marginalizing lessons from Mayor Renner.  It didn’t work for him, what do you think it is going to achieve for you?  


Is this why you would rather run At-Large?  The little people could then be ignored while you act like you are way too important to be bothered.


Your arrogance is showing Rob.  Maybe you and Mayor Renner should seek some help.

3 thoughts on “Fazzini follows Renner’s disrepect footsteps

  1. I have had it with Fazzini. We need to find someone to replace him in the next election. Any takers?

  2. Fuzzy was probably having a bad hair day. Fix that hair Rob, you’ve got a sticker. If he wasn’t so worried about his hair maybe he wouldn’t be such a crab apple.

  3. The abuse of power that we see in our Bloomington and Normal city officials is just a reflection of our state and federal officials. The Progressives have arrived and they are in the seat of power………………………………….Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely!

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