Pritzker corruption reported:

This is a national story I haven’t heard reported locally, of course I don’t watch all the local media.

Illinois Governor’s Office Made Secret Payments To Former Campaign Aide After She Was Caught Stealing From Taxpayers, Lawsuit Says

Political influence scheme alleged in the very agency dedicated to stopping political patronage

The office of Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker arranged to have the state secretly pay a former campaign aide who had been fired from her government job for stealing after she threatened to use her connections to get out of trouble, a state official claimed in a newly unsealed legal filing.

The state attorney general filed to dismiss the whistleblower’s lawsuit, which would mean allegations of improper political influence will not be probed. But the now-public allegations tell a disturbing tale of corruption and patronage in the Land of Lincoln.

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6 thoughts on “Pritzker corruption reported:

  1. Oh my. Another instance of a crooked ILLannoy governor? I hope and pray that the Prickster ends up in prison just like the others. Longer term this time please.


    1. Pritzker staffer Jenny Thornley threatened her boss to quit investigating her for stealing taxpayer funds. She said you don’t know who you are messing with and I’ll get the Governor involved. Well, she did!! Her boss lost his job and the Governor illegally gave her another $70,000 of taxpayer funds. Ya boy!! That’s your Governor!!! What a peach!!
      Tom Devore


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