Fly on the Wall: Ask your kids!

Ask your kids if they have ever been told not tell you about something that happened at school.

I know one district where it has happened. Make it clear to your children they MUST tell you. You are your kids parents, not the school.

You can’t keep them safe from things the schools are hiding.

4 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Ask your kids!

  1. That (those) school(s) should fire the teachers & ban them from ever getting work as teachers!! I can’t believe a school board is allowing this to occur!!😲 Ron 

    1. 47RONNIED,
      I don’t know the specifics of what these teachers are trying to keep secret but I imagine its nothing that the school’s administration wouldn’t sanction. Especially Unit 5’s administration. If parents knew what kind of radical, off the wall policies hide under the hood of their Equity Action Plan, they would put a stop to it immediately.

      A number of districts across the country have outlawed it but only after their administrations thought it was safe to roll out the real the more forceful DEI actions and parents became rightfully enraged.

      As DEI Elitists who are convinced of their superior intelligence, worth and power, isn’t it odd that they have to keep it all under cover? They will be found out eventually and likely be looking for employment elsewhere.

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