Fly on the wall: BEC

The Bloomington Election Commission Director that was hired last November just resigned.

Everybody agree it’s time to dump BEC?

Are they now going to screw up the November election?

16 thoughts on “Fly on the wall: BEC

  1. 100% agree that we need to eliminate the Bloomington Election Commission (BEC).

    The fact that the BEC exists is confusing to the Bloomington residents who are required to go through their office to vote. (I have observed Bloomington residents who tried to vote using the McLean County Clerks resources.)

  2. I have a problem with how the McLean County Clerk’s office fails to follow the Illinois Statutes pertaining to the running of the elections and the polling places. It would be sad to see a non- political election authority that actually follows the rules be swallowed up by a political bulldog that doesn’t. Talk about questionable politics.

      1. The McLean County Clerk does not use two election judges of opposing parties to verify the signature of the voters requesting a ballot as required by 10 ILCS 5/4-22, 5-30, 6-66. They do not announce the voter’s information out loud as required by 10 ILCS 5/7-44, 5/17-9. They do split shifts for the election judges, which is a violation of 10 ILCS 5/7-5(e), 17-17, and 18-2. This is to name a few of the things.

      2. Yes, that would be nice, instead of just the usual statements without any actual backing info that we have become so accustomed to from certain people.Leftists SAY it, and it becomes fact but people on the Right must produce reams of evidence including video and sworn witness statements or they are told there is “no evidence” and even when produced, the left STILL says they see no evidence. People are sick of it all the way from village elections all the up to national/federal ones. I won’t even go into all of the “dead weight” in government that is adored by the left.

  3. Such a pity they don’t require PROPER ID though. That would sure be nice. But that’s a subject for another time.

      1. I THINK we are the only country that does not require ID to vote, and one of the very few that has weeks of “early voting”, and also one of the very few that allow widespread “mail-in” except for legitimate reasons such as military or otherwise out of district/country on business or truly disabled.or gravely ill.

  4. Terry…that is factually incorrect. People don’t want their party said out loud for all to hear.

    1. Sorry it is factually correct according to State law. If people do not like it they can vote to change it.Terry is correct. factually. You are correct emotionally because as an election judge I heard it all of the time.

  5. Responding to Terry: The County Clerk’s office uses two judges to verify vbm signatures, Republican and Democratic. Judges are trained to announce the voters’ information outload; if they are not doing this, the Lead Judge is trained to remind them, if indeed then this doesn’t occur, voters/public should report to our office or State Board of elections. We have never, in my 12 years as County Clerk, have had reports of these allegations. Judges DO NOT have split shifts. Never have. In mass emails to all election judges, all are reminded “it’s a long day. you cannot legally leave the polling place during the day, please bring food and drinks for your long day. You may have food delivered if you wish.” Kathy Michael, McLean County Clerk, [email protected]

    1. As I understand it, there can be no “Lead Election Judge ” If that is incorrect, please show me the clause which supports this. Thank you.

  6. “Banning all those make stealing elections harder!”

    Precisely, everything the left pushes for saying that it’s for “voting rights” is actually just more ways to make cheating easier and I forgot to mention the drop boxes – Other countries just shake their heads in in disbelief at those stupid things. No wonder they want people as ignorant as possible about other countries.

  7. All judges are equal. One lead judge helps with set up and organizes the day, calls in problems to the office on election day, all decisions made with majority vote of all judges.

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