Ironwood: Make sense?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Town of Normal has this employee to manage the golf course:


That is Total Compensation for 2018.

Onsrud has another business too – he operates the Pro Shop as an independent contractor:

Sole PropOsrud

Onsurd priv less.JPG

The current agreement expires in March of 2020, here are the details from the contract signed in March of 2019:

onsrud agree

The Town of Normal expected to earn around $13,000 from their 15% cut.

This agreement only references private golf lessons for the 15% commission for Normal.  Onsrud also merchandises golf supplies, equipment, and accessories.  The agreement isn’t clear about profit from those sales.

If 15% of private lessons will earn around $13,000 of Normal taxpayers, Onsurd is grossing almost $90,000 in addition to his salary.

Is anybody paying property taxes where this money is earned?

The Ironwood golf course has a lot of parcel numbers in the County database, all of them are listed as exempt.  Does your business pay property taxes?

See all the documentation here:  Ironwood golf course 

Pages 10 and 11 have lists of all the laws Onsurd has to comply with.  It shows why Illinois and Normal are not business friendly.


5 thoughts on “Ironwood: Make sense?

  1. I’m not positive but it’s common for the pro to have purchased all the merchandise in the pro shop, therefore it’s also common that the pro receives all profits.

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    1. Yes, a traditional store proprietor buys the merchandise and receives the profits, but they don’t usually also collect a full salary, while also having a lucrative side gig during store hours, with store staff paid for by another entity, and all physical store expenses like electric and repairs also paid for by another entity.
      Given the praises posted by others here, it may premature to call bs and demand immediate and major changes, but it certainly warrants further investigation to see what if any changes might be appropriate.

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  2. I have known Craig Onsrud since he was a preteen and his parents ran crestwicke country club. Craig is the best of the best in his field. Rare do you get full package , but you do with Craig. Ironwood golf gets better and better every year. This doesn’t happen because of what transpires at normal city hall. It happens when government takes a back seat and lets professionals,like Craig and the superintendent of ironwood do their job.


  3. Generally not a fan of big govt salaries, and I think Bloomington golf salaries are more generous. I concur that Ironwood’s course is the best maintained course in the area.


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