Who’s playing with the City Code?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington City Code doesn’t look anything like it used to:    https://ecode360.com/BL4015

While looking for something else I ran across this:



Isn’t there 70 or 80 genders?  I wonder how anybody can comply when the rules keep changing!  (Another thing that happens when the majority doesn’t vote)

I was actually looking for City Code on campaign signs.  I did finally find it by accident, but it includes a statement I don’t remember being there before:  https://ecode360.com/34403695?highlight=sign,signs,temporary%20signs&searchId=1607256887276638#34403695


Ever heard of the book “Philip Drew, Administrator”?  It was written by Edward House, a close ally of Woodrow Wilson.  He dreamed of ruling from behind his desk.  Who needs elections when being an administrator is more efficient?  I find it strange City Code states registration is with the “Administrator”.

I wonder if Dan Brady registered his signs:

brady reg

The Primary election is less than 90 days away – March 17th.

If you never vote in primaries because you don’t want to declare a party, congrats.  That’s what incumbents want.  They don’t want you “common” people enforcing term limits by actually voting.

6 thoughts on “Who’s playing with the City Code?

  1. Is it common for the Pro to recurve over a 100K in government salary and benefits? Not to mention the pension?

  2. Here is how I comply with the 70 or 80 genders. I call everyone IT! Works for me and if they dont like it too bad!

    1. They did vote on the “gender issue”, I thought it only applied to addressing Council members however. I found out the registration was in the code, only 1 candidate complied for the last election. Evidently the code isn’t enforced unless somebody wants to.

  3. I think you’re misreading the ‘gender construction’ line. If the code includes something like “If a driver is driving too fast, he’ll get a ticket”, that line effectively updates the code to something like “… he/she/it/they/whatever will get a ticket.” Thus we don’t have to go through the entire municipal code and make who knows how many updates for no good reason, potentially opening up legal technicalities if we miss one or somebody wants to claim they’re a ‘those’ so exempt from the law. Also applies if one is more of a traditionalist, updating ‘he’ to ‘he or she’.

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