Leaves! (Bloomington)

This is what not getting leaves picked up for 5 weeks looks like, yes some are on the street to keep from killing the grass – some blew there:

leaves 0.JPG

This is what it looks like when the crews finally show up for leaves but the road was never plowed:

leaves 2

11 thoughts on “Leaves! (Bloomington)

  1. I was surprised they came down my street the other day. It sounded like they were tearing up the street. I would think it took them a lot longer to collect them. Hard to suck up sopping wet leaves!

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  2. More employees, less work getting done. “Quality of life” the Renner way!
    WHAT has Tari done in his time in office? Besides do late night rants, and open an art shop in his office?
    And turn Bloomington into a socialist haven..

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  3. The city looks worse than I have ever seen it at leaf season. I know they have only been in our subdivision one time! Our street is a disaster. Shameful!


  4. Gotta be careful using those huge leaf vacuums – they might suck up chunks of c
    rumbled pavement and get clogged or damaged.


  5. When we sold our house on the 800 block of East Jefferson Street and moved out the sidewalks were cracked, some pieces even missing, curbs broken and gone, sewer system so messed up they had to did up parts of the street from time to time to repair it! Looked like somewhere out of a third world country they (city leaders) don’t care they’re more interested in legalizing marijuana and opening shops to sell it to make more money for themselves while pushing their Progressive agenda of Sustainability, Diversity, Political Correctness and Multiculturalism!

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