Bloomington Taxes 2015 vrs 2020

By:  Diane Benjamin

It would be nice if Bloomington showed the same charts year-to-year, but they don’t.

These charts are available here:

Budgeted numbers:

The 1% Sales tax increase went into effect January 1st 2016 after being passed in 2015.

The budget for Food and Beverage tax is lower in 2019 than 2015.  The Hotel/Motel Tax is also budgeted lower.

Another .04 a gallon Local Motor Fuel Tax went into effect May 1, 2019.

Maybe this will help – side by side budget comparison based on those reported for 2020:


Where is the $13,000,000+ going?

Some went to Connect Transit.  Some went to the jail expansion (mental health).  Some went to roads.  Where is the rest?

One more chart, this one shows the 1 year difference: 

multi yr chart

Keep in mind all the fees for water, sewer, garbage etc are not included in these taxes.

Government isn’t working for you – you are working to feed the beast.



2 thoughts on “Bloomington Taxes 2015 vrs 2020

  1. Interesting question… I suspect the rest of the money will go to backstop the losses on the TIFs, hire more government employees (i.e. big government voters), expand department budgets, funnel more money to the Downtown dumpster fire, and kickstart the next white elephant boondoggle project.

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