Jenn is out of order!

Brief recap of tonight’s cannabis discussion:

The city radicals lost on everything but dispensaries.  No on-site consumption, no other type of businesses for now.

Jenn Carrillo constantly spoke when not being recognized and then attempted to insult the other aldermen who didn’t agree with her social justice agenda.  Crabill was right with her.

Crabill.quoted studies.that were studies Julie Emig produced.  It was a circus.

Everything will be summer after the regulations are.clarified.

Jenn Carrillo.thinks she is entitled to make all.the.rules, she isn’t. Kim Bray and Donna Boelen called points of order for her behavior.  Renner is incapable of running a fair meeting.

Much more tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “Jenn is out of order!

  1. Good for Kim and Donna. I’m embarrassed to admit my alderman is Crabill. What a piece of work. Really pissed me off when he wore that ridiculous T-shirt to a council meeting earlier this year. Alderman aren’t there to advertise whatever assine causes they support. We have an excellent potential candidate in our ward who would be totally opposite of him. No it’s not myself. She’s been active in the community for some time.

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  2. Let Jenn run the meeting? Mouth off? Interrupt everyone? Yes, Jenn has now become the Mayor of Bloomington and Renner is her puppet. Why do you think she keeps creeping closer and closer to Tari! If she is violating peoples rights to speak why isnt SHE being escorted out by BPD? Time someone tells her to sit down, shut up or leave.

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  3. Crazy Jenn is the face of what deviant, MARXIST local government looks like. Right there, for all to see…..and be horrified by. That is why committed Conservatives like myself worked so hard, behind the scenes, to get her elected. She has rewarded and validated our strategy beyond measure. Thanks, Jenn! We love what you do for us!

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