My Unit 5 present

By:  Diane Benjamin

I filed this FOIA request on December 5th:

unit 5 FOIA

I was then told the request is too voluminous, so it was narrowed to just emails between the two people mentioned.

On December 21st I received this request:

unit 5 1

No, I’m not waiting a month for emails.  I then received this response:

unit 5 2

Guess what!

I got this email at 8:37 this morning:

unit 5 3.JPG

This file was attached – note the size:

attached153.1 KB is tiny!

For comparison, this pic is 100 KB:


M. Curt Richardson claims if I download it and Open it the files will be there.

Nope.  I get this:  unit 5 answer

He quit responding to my emails.

(I hope the irony didn’t escape you)








4 thoughts on “My Unit 5 present

  1. Unit 5 has much bigger issues. School safety being the biggest. The process to expel is lengthy. The accused seem to have more rights than the victim. Minor children are interviewed by the school resource (Normal Police) officer without parental notification. Your child can receive a death threat and they won’t tell you. I’ll send more info when I’ve had time to process it. Oh. And yes. Standards based grading sucks lol.

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    1. If you haven’t already, read the book, “Why Meadow Died.” It explains, in ugly detail, what is going on. The good kids are under siege, and the bad kids can’t be punished.

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      1. Unfortunately a couple of other circumstances like that come to mind:
        1) Criminals rights are protected more closely by the court system than the victims
        2) Politicians (the bad people) are penalized more than the citizen
        Ask Mr. Downtown Abbey, or Koos who violates the law every council meeting



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