Jenn becomes immaterial by choice

By:  Diane Benjamin

Jenn Carrillo is giving taxpayers a close up look at what tyranny looks like.  If you don’t agree with her agenda, she will call out her minions.  Her buddies at Black Lives Matter called the Council racist:  BLM statement

Quote:    And when you knowingly and continuously pass policies that perpetuate harm to people of color, then you are racist.

In their world, not approving on-site consumption of cannabis makes you a racist.

FYI:  Calling everybody racists made the term meaningless years ago.

We heard over and over at public comment cannabis use is already here, where is it being smoked illegally now?  What changes January 1st?

Black Lives Matter is also pushing for No Cash Bail.  Their efforts would be better used ending why crimes are committed.  The constant reports of armed robberies (when media bothers to report) and shots fired is turning Bloomington into Chicago.  Is that the goal Jenn?

Words Jenn will ignore:

You have over 3 years left to serve on the Council.  Attacking the other members means your influence will continue to decrease.  Interrupting the others and name calling will mean whatever you support will automatically be rejected by many of the others.  You are creating enemies not working as a team to solve problems.

Is this what Democratic Socialism looks like?

If it is, thanks.  Thinking people will reject it and you.

Does Jenn really want to spend 3 years being ignored?  Her “joyous rebellion” will only be in her head.  




13 thoughts on “Jenn becomes immaterial by choice

  1. This woman proves daily how sick in the head she really is. In reality, she is the racist that she claims everyone else is by her diatribes and racist brags. Her hate for white people that do not agree with her are on daily display. Down deep, she looks in the mirror and is detested by what looks back at her. In order to compensate for her own self hate, she goes out of her way to hate others. Someday her end will not be pretty.

  2. Jenn is a master of using someone’s victim status to progress her agenda. First minorities are oppressed because cannabis is not legal. Now minorities are oppressed because of the fact they cannot consume cannabis onsite of the dispensary. She should go take up that issue with housing authorities and apartment owners who do not allow it on their property. Whatever happens, she will always move the goalposts to perpetuate the victimhood status. She uses it as her just cause to fight.

  3. Wonder how many of HER “peeps” have made victims of innocent people? This is just TRUE vile that comes out of her soul, and when the 3 Nephites or Danites show up , I DO NOT want to be near her..

  4. “An evil man seeketh only rebellion, therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him.”–Proverbs 17:11

    And what is the comment made in the post above, “the spirit of joyous rebellion”? I know that spirit and it is not one I desire to follow. It only speaks the words of its father who said “I will not serve”.

    Lest we forget this is not simply a political struggle, it is a spiritual struggle. Those who follow the lead of people like the alderperson are in need of our prayers.

    Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

    1. And people will DIE!–increased car fatalities, workplace accidents, suicides.

      Reefer Madness is real. Look no further than Colorado.

  5. Isn’t Black Lives Matter partnered with Not in Our Town? If so does Not in Our Town think the council is racist?

  6. Make no mistake, legalization of cannabis is about the tax revenue for the State. The 3% offered to municipalities is a carrot to entice their participation because without it the tax revenue will not meet projections.
    Become familiar with the law, the social justice component is in the State statute. The City controls zoning and taxes. Onsite use is up to the discretion of the municipality because it doesn’t affect the revenue.

    SJWs are trying to make this issue about them when in fact they are being used to ensure the proliferation of sales and use. $$$$$$$$$$

  7. Isn’t it ALWAYS about the MONEY, and NOT streets, children, public safety, quality of life or transparency???
    The ALMIGHTY dollar has corrupted OUR country as well as the world to the core. WE NEED to figure out SOMETHING to change THIS way of DUMBTHINK!

  8. Jen has once again proven to us that she truly is who we all thought she was when she ran for office. She’s legitimately trying to make Bloomington – Normal, Chicago. Jen, this isn’t Chicago. Stop advocating for things that are harming our community. Jen associates with the worst of the worst in our community. The two comrades closet to her are proof enough. Sonny, her best pal is a racist, hates white people and generally has a sincere distaste for our local and national enforcement. Can we get started on her other best pal, Arthur Haynes? Criminal wrap sheet as long as can be, but we can’t call anything out, because it would make us racist. We should all to continue to advocate for Jens Ward and share Kale salads outside of the WBRP while we attend a free bike tire clinic. It’s what our community needs!

    Jens behavior is what insecurity looks like, out loud. Jen, this isn’t Pilsen. Stop forcing your agenda on the community. Please learn how to respect others.

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