Bloomington: Jenn and Jeff were immaterial last night

By:  Diane Benjamin

Public Comment started at 20:30.  The citizens were mostly the same people who spoke before, some against cannabis – many for.  Only one lady spoke on a different topic – see 24:00.  She talked about the importance of street light.

Many of the speakers wanted on-site consumption approved.  They lost.

When the 30 minutes allotted ran out,  Jenn made a motion to extend the time, Jeff Crabill seconded.  See 52:05.  Jamie Mathy and Julie Emig voted with them, they lost 5-4.

54:50 Taxpayers will never see the money the previous owners of the Chateau owed to the City.  Their bankruptcy wiped it out.  I know in 2015 they owed $335,000.

56:15  Donna Boelen mentioned “right fit” is in the documentation for the E. Lincoln development.  She believes using that term discourages developers who don’t want to justify a project  to a possibly closed-minding City.  She called it off-putting.  Crabill claimed this project is the “right fit”.

Cannabis discussion starts at 1:00:30.  Tari declared everyone should be brief, he claims he has learned to do it.  (I’m surprised no one laughed)

1:04  Mboka Mwilambwe gave an eloquent speech on why he is for opting out.  1:06:30 Tari gave him a 30 second warning.  Who gave Tari the power to cut off elected officials?  There were no time limits for discussion pre-Tari.  Yes, the people’s business needs to be rushed.

See 1:07  Bray, Mwilambwe and Boelen voted to opt out, they lost.

1:09:45  The documentation was for voting on dispensaries only.  Jenn claimed the volunteers on boards and commission should prevail in what they recommend, ie Planning Commission that was all in on everything.

Jenn:  All those people were appointed by Tari.  The elected people can listen to their recommendations, they don’t have to agree.  Obviously Tarii appointees are frequently far left, the rest of the City isn’t.

Jenn tried to change the ordinance to what the Planning Commission recommended – she lost again. (#2)  1:17 – Jenn butts in without being recognized to restate what the vote is for.  Only her and Crabill voted yes.

Next Crabill tried to amend the motion to what the Planning Commission approved except on site consumption.  Of course Jenn seconded.  1:42:12  Loss #3, only Emig voted with them.

1:42:30 Jenn tries to make an amendment to allow on-site consumption.  Crabil seconded – lost #4.  They were the only 2 voting yes.

1:44:15 – Bray calls a point of order after Carrillo spouts off without being recognized.  Jenn then launches into a tirade against her fellow council members, even stating they are why people have so much hatred toward government.  1:44:40 Donna Boelen calls another point of order because she is talking about things not on the agenda.  Tari sides with Jenn.  Others agreed with Donna and requested a vote.  Jenn continued anyway.  She claimed compromise for the sake of compromise isn’t progressive.  She claims the City is settling instead of promoting justice, equity, and freedom.  She wants her supporters to demand more of her fellow Council members.

In other words:  I’m P***ed

1:46:30  Donna Boelen explains why what they are doing is working together, not compromise.  She gets choked up responding to Jenn’s personal agenda.  Bray echoed Boelen’s comment.   She also rejected Carrillo’s version of the facts.

1:48:30 – Finally a vote on item B to allow two dispensaries.  Only Mboka voted no.

Twice Tari had to warn the crowd.

The 3% tax passed unanimously.  The final vote updated the City Code for changes in the law.  1:54:00 Jenn wanted language reducing fines for illegal use from $250 to $100 or community service.  She thinks the fine is punitive because a minors family would be paying it,  Black seconded it,   That vote was unanimous, she finally won one.

Just to review for Jenn and Jeff – and all the people who didn’t vote in April:

Jenn got 379 votes

Jeff got 492 votes

Both hardly represent the entire City.  This does prove that not voting makes it very easy for extremist to get elected.











6 thoughts on “Bloomington: Jenn and Jeff were immaterial last night

  1. In reality, Jeff Crabill ran unopposed because the other candidate was disqualified due to the length of his residency in Ward 8…one month short. Jeff Crabill got less than 75% of the vote as an unchallenged candidate. He does not represent his Ward or the community as a whole.

    Jenn set up a go-fund-me account specifically to move into Ward 6 and won by just 44 votes even with the support of the Mayor’s campaign team.

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      1. Hopefully, they will continue to fail in ever figuring it out – then, we just have to get decent people to actually vote in local elections.

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  2. Renner, Crabill, Carrillo and Emig do not work for the citizens of Bloomington or people residing in their wards. They ran to represent their minor far left bretheran who voted them in. Many of those supporting their actions last night were likely not even local citizens but plants provided by IPA. They want to change BN’s moral compass. They want to turn BN into their images and likenesses because it is a payback in their minds for personal hurts they experienced in their own lives. Hurting other people in any way possible makes them feel better about themselves. All in my opinion all suffer from some type of mental illness.

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  3. Now that pot is a “tourist attraction ” in Bloomington who will take the responsibility and be the loudest voice when someone dies as a result of it? My guess the council WILL NOT! It is almost a given that a DUI death will happen and pot will be the cause. Since NO ONE on the council has even discussed the possibility publically that I am aware of, they only see the $$, it wont be them. I know, I will hear the but booze is out there yell, and yes it is out there,used and abused , which is bad enough but add pot to the mix and the citizens of Bloomington are in potential danger by a drug that is STILL ILLEGAL in the eyes of the Federal Gov!


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