This is what happens when locals don’t vote

By:  Diane Benjamin

Only 9.42% of registered voters bothered to cast their ballot in last April’s local election.

It is going to be very easy for more Jenn Carrillos and Jeff Crabills to get elected in 2021.    If the City Council only represents small special interest groups, citizens have no one but themselves to blame.

Black Lives Matter is already working on it:

blm 2021

5 thoughts on “This is what happens when locals don’t vote

  1. I lost a LOT of sleep last night, wondering HOW corporate America was going to handle the pie charts and bar graphs for legalized marijuana. Guess NOW I know.
    Maybe I’ll use pillows for hotel markers for places I slept GOOD in!
    Skulls and Cross bones for bad restaurants?


  2. You learn a lot about elected officials when you see what issues they are most passionate about and engaged in. Apparently, legalized weed (and its intersection with race) is the #1 issue for Jenn. Pretty sure if we polled Bloomington-Normal residents this is in the bottom one-third of issues facing the community. People want to know what we’re going to do about the declining population, employers and good-paying tech and management jobs leaving for other states and communities, crumbling roads, and runaway pension and government spending. I’m worried that those who truly care about these core issues have already moved or are in the process of moving and have checked out. If so, Bloomington will become the next progressive Democrat utopia….just like Detroit.

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  3. IRONIC that Jenn is ALWAYS ranting about “racists” yet SHE keeps comparing/associating marijuana use with African Americans. I’d call THIS racist!
    And yes, she NEVER mentions streets, employment, Christmas, economy, etc. maybe these things elude her..

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