The Cannabis Campaign

By:  Diane Benjamin

One candidate for State office showed up at both the Bloomington City Council meeting and the County Board meeting this week.  Evidently she is running her campaign on cannabis:

karla 1karla 2

The Council sign says:  Support on-site consumption.  She must be going for the Jenn Carrillo vote!

She is running in the 88th.  Her name is Karla Bailey Smith, Keith Sommer is her opponent.

(See why Erik Rankin is quitting as Democratic Party Chair?)


9 thoughts on “The Cannabis Campaign

    1. So commenters here are reduced to making snide remarks about a person’s appearance. Seems about right for the juvenile bullying sensibilities of the Trump crowd here.

      When all you have are out of date scare tactics about cannabis and unscientific misinformation, yeah, then pick on people’s wardrobe.

      1. Speaking of bullying, what do you call what your buddy Carrillo does and her friends at BLM and Illinois People’s Action. I’m also sure you are fine with the behaviors of Antifa. Also, a former business associate of mine had a close co-worker and his wife killed in a traffic incident this year. They were stopped at an intersection and hit in the rear of their car by an eighteen year old who the police estimated was traveling in excess of eighty miles per hour on a city street in Auburn, Alabama that had a thirty mile per hour speed limit. Toxicology tests taken of the perp that day registered THC levels that were off the charts. In other words, the kid was stoned out of his mind. I could care less if you get high at home legally or illegally but you and I both know this won’t be the case. People pushing this hard are just selfish, lawbreaking stoners like yourself that care only about yourselves and no one else. Go kill yourself if you want, just not someone else.

  1. Jenn and her pals are doing their best to help elect conservatives. Pass the popcorn, please.

  2. GREEN ACRES IS THE PLACE TO BE! CAN’T wait for Mr HANEY to stop by and sell me some” green acres “”
    heh heh.. THAT’LL surely give ole Arnold the SNIFFLES!

  3. Wonder if Jenn and her pals have applied for the “Low Cost Loan Program” for social equity applicants authorized in the state’s cannabis law.

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