Want to Buy some Property?

By:  Diane Benjamin

One of the properties Normal owns they shouldn’t be paying property taxes for is up for sale.  Stan Nord specifically mentioned this property, the Town hasn’t taken the time to change it to exempt.


The Town is taking bids on 1404 Ft Jesse until January 15th.  Evidently they can’t find anybody to just give it to like in Uptown.

The price has been reduced for the CII East building!

102 S East Bloomington

It was for sale for $900,000, now it’s $800,000.

An auction was held in September, it didn’t sell:  https://hibid.com/catalog/182487/102-s-east-st–bloomington–il/

Since the State Farm building was likely given away, what effect does that have on the value of this building?

Thanks to the reader who gave me this tip!








5 thoughts on “Want to Buy some Property?

  1. At one point, a few years ago, that Ft. Jesse property ha d “Hucks: Coming Soon” sign for a few months. Then it was gone. Wonder what happened…? They probably didn’t get the sweet deal Portillo’s did.

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  2. CII East building was already depreciating due to a lack of upkeep. (By the way, any citations issued to the owner? Crickets, crickets.) The firesale of the State Farm HQ coupled with the declining demand for Downtown space due to the SF office closure and heavy-handed interventionalist tactics of Tari and the Downtown cabal have put enormous pressures on rent and property valuations. CII East is a Baltic Avenue property selling at a hotel on Boardway price. No thanks! Wonder if the Town of Normal will apply the “right fit” test to the buyer of 1404 Ft Jesse.

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  3. I would NOT touch a SINGLE property in uptown or DOWNTOWN Bloomington, without ALL the papers in HAND! The idiots that be and those that “wanna be” just simply CANNOT BE TRUSTED!

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  4. When will the TOWN learn that one: they are not developers and two: ITS NOT THEIR MONEY they are wasting? I know, when Koos and his mouthpieces are gone and someone like Stan or Mark T is at the helm!

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