Bloomington Council: Transparency joke PLUS cannabis Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Council held an Executive Session on December 9th to review minutes of previous Executive Sessions.  Review is required by the Open Meetings Act.  The cabal then votes on what minutes no longer need to be kept confidential.

See PDF page 46:

The Council voted to keep minutes that are 24 years old a secret.  The median age of Bloomington residents is just 11 years older!

Yes, performance reviews of past City Managers can not be released, it might embarrass past Councils who never realized how bad those City Managers were.  Citizen knew long before David Hales left he was a disaster – he got huge raises anyway.  Tom Hamilton gifted the town with a never use fire station and water tower.  The praise thrown at both by clueless Councils is a STATE secret.  It will also be a state secret what the vote was to keep these minutes a secret.  Maybe in 100 years when everybody is dead some Council will open this time capsule.

The same link above says in 2017 the Bloomington poverty rate was 15.7%.  Meanwhile the Coliseum is geeting LED lighting, the BCPA can do shows few attend, and the Creativity Center has no discernable purpose.

See PDF pages 11 and following for LED info – $157,537.80 and maybe a rebate of $30,000.

PDF page 92:   The apartment complex on E Lincoln is finally the “right” fit

linc right

See all the pages following.  The hoops this developer had to jump through to be the “right” fit are ridiculous.  PDF page 103 shows fees plus interest since 1962 they have to pay, grand total:  $64,806.54.

The new owners of the Chateau will get a liquor license.  I hope somebody asks what happened to the past due amounts owned to taxpayers by the previous owners.

PDF page 358:

two lic Why only TWO licenses?  The first year cost is over $100,000, TWO limits competition.  It looks like the Council may ban growing, processing, infusing, etc, but then whoever wrote the over 50 pages gave me a headache.  I plan to wait for the show instead of deciphering Greek.  

I wonder if Jenn will throw a fit about no On-Site consumption.  

The State may reduce the initial costs up to 50% for social equity!

The Council will be deciding a plethora of cannabis issues.  Opting out won’t be seriously considered.

See PDf pages 352 and following.

You may want your kids under 21 to know this:

use minor









4 thoughts on “Bloomington Council: Transparency joke PLUS cannabis Monday

  1. Reich Minister Renner stated in a Pantagraph article tonight that if the council would vote down marijuana businesses he would veto it. Know that the council will approve but what does he have to lose if they did not approve them? Bet the winners have already been determined.

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  2. Renner’s veto threat is all about the 3% local tax revenue on cannabis. For Jenn, it’s all about social equity and her and her friends’ personal ability to legally smoke pot.
    The irony is that the State controls who is issued a license. The City only controls the location and number of businesses. Currently, only one new dispensary license is available for the entirety of McLean and DeWitt counties. The medical dispensary in Normal can sell recreational marijuana and is eligible for a second license. The licenses for the other types of businesses won’t be issued until the Spring of 2020. Demand will outpace supply as a result of the roll-out by the State.

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  3. Immigrants and those waiting to become naturalized citizens are not allowed to possess cannabis or work in the cannabis industry because their immigration/naturalization status will be affected.


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