Standford: Demand Christmas!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Every house in Stanford has been paying $5 per month since August of 2009 in hopes someday the Village will get a sewage treatment plant.

The cost estimate in 2009 was $6,250,000:

sewerThe sewer piggy bank is most likely still under $100,000, last August it was around $80,000.

Since the magic money fairy hasn’t shown up with MILLIONS of dollars in grants, and the village is NOT putting all the money collected in a savings account they don’t touch:

Ask for your money back!

Even if the Village found a grant, usually some matching funds are required.  The cost is probably higher by now.  Even if the IEPA only wants the Village to contribute 10% – that’s more than $600,000.  Stanford won’t collect that much for decades.  By then, the cost will be even higher.

Tell the Trustees they owe you Christmas.  Make them refund your money and stop taking more.

Here’s the complete quote from 2009:  Sewer Quote





7 thoughts on “Standford: Demand Christmas!

  1. Farnsworth Group must have gotten paid for the feasibility study. There is no indication as to how much the sanitation system will cost to maintain.

    This is a typical example of municipal planning and budgeting. The State does it too.

  2. Let’s take that money, and donate it to a good cause. The pool is in need of repair. I would be happy to pay a monthly fee to keep that in town.

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