Normal: Charging you for free

By:  Diane Benjamin

Normal wants Bloomington and the County to help pay the $126,000 per year bill for electronics recycling.

Best Buy will take your electronics for free!  Old computer?  Monitor?  Printer?


BestSee the full list of what they accept:

If that link doesn’t work, try this one:

Why is government involved?

Must be because they want your money!

Normal, close the drop off site, hang a sign with directions to Best Buy.  I think other businesses do the same thing – readers?





5 thoughts on “Normal: Charging you for free

  1. Didn’t know about Best Buy taking electronics. Thanks. But isn’t is JUST like government to give you a CHOICE?? It’s called redundancy in the private sector. And Illinois is the poster child.

  2. Recycling at Best Buy is much more convenient than recycling at the Normal recycle location. That “strip mall” has plenty of parking and the business hours are better for customers interested in recycling.

    What makes me mad is that Normal seems to continue to force its decisions on Bloomington. Discussion should have taken place through “B/N Advantage” prior to Normal making a contract. Whoever signs the contract is responsible for the payment.

    Interesting that the Town of Normal was happy to do business with the recycle company while there was government grant money available.

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