What’s up with Renner?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last night Mayor Renner left the Council meeting – see video at 43:50.

Shortly after Karen Schmidt announced that Tari had been feeling sick all night and wasn’t sure he would make it through the meeting.

See the video here – just click play:


What that doesn’t explain is why Tari was hugging and kissing the female award recipients at the beginning of the meeting.  Watch a small snippet of the video here:


Since Tari is hopefully smart enough to not hug and kiss the females if he had the flu or a bad cold, what does he have?

16 thoughts on “What’s up with Renner?

  1. That was creepy! Reminded of VP Joe Biden. In the name of diversity and tolerance and equality I fully expect to see the Mayor kiss all men who recieve awards in the future.

  2. Maybe it’s a migraine. Maybe it’s back pain. Maybe it’s eczema. Maybe it’s indigestion. Maybe it’s none of your business.This is a new low from a blog I rely on for the “news no one else reports.” Speculation isn’t news. And with the problems facing the city, I expect so much more from you, Diane.

      1. Oh EM Gee the city is going to go into a complete breakout of a cold because of him kissing and hugging… you are reaching Diane, reaching. climb back into your hole

      2. Diana – Hate to say it…but I agree with Rob. I think you may be getting a little obsessed with Mayor Renner and it is having an impact on your ability to report. Who cares about this “story”? Why does this matter? It’s definitely not news. If you want people to continue to pay you for your news coverage then you may want to focus on covering the actual news. Nobody care who the Mayor hugs or kisses. I hate to say it but I think your blog is increasingly more and more boring….. You keep repeating the same old stuff or you talk about how much you hate Professor Renner. I used to enjoy reading cause you provided actual news. Everyone knows you don’t like the Mayor, it’s getting old. And it’s having a serious impact on your coverage – I wish you would stay focused on real news that keeps us informed…Sorry, I don’t plan on making any future contributions. Readers deserve to be listened too. It sounds like you don’t listen to readers.

  3. That type of conduct would not be tolerated at most companies, so Renner should not be doing it at City Council meetings.

  4. So mook you’re okay with the equal opportunity thing when Renner starts hugging and kissing the boys? Just sayin’.

  5. Damn Chuck, relax. Diane is doing a great job and if you’re ok with Renner hugging and kissing people like that, when he’s sick, than you have issues.

  6. Chuck I gotta say that I think most of what you said is drivel. Yeah maybe once in a while an article or two gets a little off point but compared to the local bird cage liner, this little blog right here blows that entity away for what really goes on in this city especially concerning how our tax dollars are spent with reckless abandon. Relative to Renner hugging and kissing, it’s really uncalled for and unbecoming of the position of mayor. You want to excuse Renner but call Diane out. Being sick and hugging and kissing others is okay, yet expressing an opinion is not. LoL! Keep up the good work Diane! (Was that a Rob F. sighting? Be sure and fix your hair Rob.)

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