The Watchdogs sue the Edgar County Board

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Edgar County Watchdogs filed a Complaint for Administrative Review with the 5th Judicial Circuit Court in Edgar County yesterday.

Again, the case is about following the law, the Edgar County Board didn’t.  Below is the law for Counties in Illinois that govern purchasing:

CountylasThe Edgar County Board (and McLean County Board) are required by law to bid purchases in excess of $30,000.

Instead of getting bids for Property/Casualty/Liability insurance, the board voted to renew their current policies for $164,274.

That appears to be more than $30,000.

Both Edgar County Watchdogs, John Kraft and Kirk Allen, are mentioned in the Board minutes.  This is not the only violation of law the Watchdogs are pursuing against the Board and at lease one member.

See the entire lawsuit and supporting documents here:  Edgar County Board

If laws are too difficult for public officials to follow, either:

  • Easier laws need to passed
  • The public officials need to be replaced




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