Throw Kirk out! Here’s why

By:  Diane Benjamin This list could be much longer, but I will keep it short. Mark Kirk is more likely to vote with Democrats than he is to support the Republican platform.  If he is the GOP candidate for the US Senate – He WILL lose.  When there is very little difference between the two […]

Vogel: You make my writing sooooo easy

By:  Diane Benjamin Evidently Steve Vogel’s god is Santa Claus.  Today in the Pantagraph, Stevie is asking Santa not to wait until next Christmas to grant a long list of progressive requests.  Hide the children:  Sorry Steve, Santa Claus isn’t real. Still believing in Santa must be why Steve thinks  “Gun Free Zone” signs magically […]

Got kids in public school?

I friend sent this link to me. I’ve watched the movie. The public school system does not want you to see this movie. You probably have a long weekend, so take the time to watch. Very powerful film that you can watch for free until the end of the year! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! […]

Bah humbug – No Bloomington Christmas

By:  Diane Benjamin From last year – 11/24/2014 Council meeting:     From the 12/6/2-14 Council meeting:     This year Christmas didn’t happen at City Hall, at least in public.  There was no tree lighting ceremony.  Maybe the only reason it happened last year was Alderman Stearns insisted, Alderman Schmidt didn’t care to continue […]