Bloomington Employee Survey Results +

By:  Diane Benjamin

Monday at 5:00 the Council is holding a Work Session – Council meeting follows at 7:00

On the Work Session agenda is a presentation about the Employee Satisfaction Survey Results.  From the packet:

Of the 1,113 total full-time and seasonal employees, 371 participated, giving us a response rate of 33%.
The City considers 33% completion successful. (See page 6)
You don’t have to wait for Monday night to see the results of the survey – it’s all the packet.
Here’s a preview:
disagreeAfter this presentation, stay tuned for the results of the rate study – what you pay for Water, Sewer, and Storm Water Management versus what the City needs.
The packet contains a lot of information, but YOU need to listen to the presentation.  Here’s a preview of what your Storm Water rates are projected to be, if the Council approves the increase:

There is NEVER enough money for government!

(especially when you keep electing the wrong people)




5 thoughts on “Bloomington Employee Survey Results +

  1. The countdown is becoming real, in about 21 months noting this town or this crooked state will no longer be my home. Sad yet joyful.


  2. WHERE is ALL the money we were going to save on those fancy garbage cans and recycle bins, and the streets are STILL in bad shape, and we haven’t even gotten to cold weather yet, and speaking of SAFE streets, is it me, or does ANYONE else notice the HUGE number of people on their phone and driving with NO compunction at all, don’t the police enforce this law? They say it’s worse then drunk drivers, and yet you see people on their phone ALL the time. I saw no less then THREE today in a school zone. Can a person look up somewhere HOW MANY tickets UPTOWN or BLOOMINGTON have written for this OFFENSE?? They want income, but are not WILLING to work for it-PITY!


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