Oops – Bloomington slipped

By: Diane Benjamin

See this link:  http://www.bizjournals.com/chicago/news/2015/12/08/on-a-list-of-top-cities-for-tech-job-and-wage.html

On a list of top cities for tech, job and wage growth, Chicago and Illinois rank low

On a new list that ranks U.S. cities for their growth in the technology industry, wages and jobs, Chicago and the rest of Illinois don’t fare very well.


How were the rankings compiled? The index, compiled since 1999, “uses a comprehensive, fact-based set of criteria to rank 200 large and 201 small metros across the United States. As an outcomes-based index, growth in employment, wages and technology output are heavily weighted; metrics such as cost-of-living and quality-of-life conditions, often highly subjective, are not included.”

Illinois small cities on the index include Carbondale at No. 85 (unranked last year), Kankakee at No. 90 (down 33 from last year), Champaign-Urbana at No. 91 (down 11 from last year), Bloomington at No. 151 (down 33 from last year), Springfield at No. 154 (down 28 from last year), Danville at No. 167 (down 21 from last year), and Decatur at No. 196 (down 30 from last year).

Read the entire article for more information.





5 thoughts on “Oops – Bloomington slipped

  1. It’s hard to believe Carbondale has any kind of job growth. It is a town of 25 000, dominated by SIU-C, which itself is in very bad financial condition, having lost 5000 students. There isn’t really anything there other than the university.


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