UPDATE: Tari’s True Colors


Gorman is an IWU graduate and employee.  Is IWU a prerequisite?  Diversity?  How many IWU people are now in government?  Renner, Black, Schmidt, Robustelli, ?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Monday night Tari plans to appoint Michael Gorman to the McLean County Regional Planning Commission.  This is the Commission responsible for Bring It Bloomington and bike lanes on the roads.

Years ago they did a survey asking about bikes, unfortunately only the bikers knew about the survey.  I think around 80% were in favor of bike lanes.  MCRPC get Federal and State grants to implement what the Feds and State want – not what you want.   MCRPC is top down government, not the “for and by the people” we expect.

Gorman is the head of Bike Blono.  Of course he pushed for bike lanes.  He is also intimately involved with Facebook sites that attack Alderman Lower.  Even though few people ever see these sites – Gorman isn’t afraid to “Like” the attacks.

If Tari had any respect for citizens, Gorman would be the LAST person appointed to any position.

Obviously Tari wants to stack boards and commissions with his left-wing buddies.  Does the Council care?

Maybe decorum and respect are only required of opponents, not the like-minded.

Here’s proof of Gorman’s work:


6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Tari’s True Colors

  1. IWU grad–check. Bring It on Bloomington committee–check. Alderwoman Buragas campaign–check. Green Top Grocery–check. Bike Master Plan committee–check. MCRPC–next step to Alderman/Mayor?


  2. Hey Mudd, like yer take but I think ya have yer anatomy wrong where Tari is concerned! In all my life being here I have not seen SO MUCH “cronyism” except Chicago, and MAYBE Tari learned form their politics? Course their mayor is kinda on the skids. Maybe it’ll come home to “roost”! Maybe Nora could explain all this to us, as I think there’s a REAL “failure to communicate” between THE PEOPLE and those who wish to be emperor and court.


  3. Seems people need to say STOP THE CRONYISM in emails to [email protected] and to every citizen you know. Typing about it online does nothing till they hear in large numbers by email. There is the entire weekend to blow up all their emails boxes. Gorman works of IWU in IT. THIS HAS TO STOP NO MORE IWU STAFF !!!!!!!!!!


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