Coliseum Calamity

By:  Diane Benjamin

It’s no surprise Coliseum financial reports and audits going back to when it opened in 2007 are not on the City of Bloomington website.  It’s easy to see why.  Luckily, I have copies of what CIAM reported.

For the partial year of 2007, total revenue was $3,469,708

For 2008, total revenue was $5,820,328

These numbers are from the CIAM prepared statements, audited numbers are not available.

Let’s jump to the AUDITED numbers from 2012:


From 2008 to 2012 Revenue drops by more than $2,000,000!

How about AUDITED numbers from 2015:


From 2012 to 2015 Revenue drops another $1,140,790!

Anybody see a pattern?  Evidently David Hales, Tari Renner, and the Council are just fine with this stellar performance!

One of the following is true:

a) the Coliseum is a failure that will continue to bleed taxpayer money until it is paid off and torn down

b) CIAM is incapable of managing the Coliseum and future management should be put out for bid to professional managers

Tari, saying a downtown hotel will help the Coliseum is as believable of the President telling us that Global warming causes terrorism.  Quit saying it for the benefit of the 10 people who actually believe you.  Nobody else does.

Expect the Council to give CIAM another 5 years to manage the Coliseum.  Looking out for citizens has never been part of the Master Plan.

One would think the media would report the dismal job CIAM is doing.  Obviously they don’t care either.




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  1. Is the novelty revenue still a pass through for concerts? if that is the case then that number isn’t accurate. what is the net?

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