Bloomington: Where your money goes

By:  Diane Benjamin

This fiscal year Bloomington began issuing monthly financial recaps.  See this link:  September is the last statement posted, yes this is December.

The chart below is from pages 11 and 12 of the September report.  Enterprise Funds are not included since they are not part of the General Fund.  (Solid Waste, Water, Sewer, Storm Sewer, Coliseum, Golf/Parking)

Details for each line are available in Budget Book 1:

Note how much the BCPA, Miller Park Zoo, and Pepsi Ice Center cost taxpayers.

If this report had been produced for the last 5 years, it would be clear where the budget has increased substantially – like Administration.

This is the best recap of the budget the City has produced.  Usually details get in the way of understanding where your money goes.  Here, the details don’t.



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