Got kids in public school?

I friend sent this link to me. I’ve watched the movie.
The public school system does not want you to see this movie.
You probably have a long weekend, so take the time to watch.

Very powerful film that you can watch for free until the end of the year!
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!
Our free gift to you: watch and share our movie IndoctriNation!

Dear Friend,

I’m excited to announce that we have decided to give our ‘IndoctriNation’ movie away for FREE, available right now and through to the end of the year!

Our film IndoctriNation has, by God’s blessing, been greatly effective in convincing many families to take their kids out of the government school system. This season, as people spend time at home together, we hope that families will take the time to watch and share our movie with loved ones, especially those that need to hear the truth about the American public school system and decide whether they should continue using them.

Even in the last few years we have seen a dramatic decline in the school system making our message all the more urgent. We’ve recently seen astonishing moves by the educational establishment, with the Department of Education’s full-on support of the Supreme Court ruling on homosexual marriage, and in recent months, a significant campaign to normalize transgender lifestyles to our youth. The public schools have gone from bad to worse, and there are no excuses left.

Now is the time to act. Please take the time to share our message through your emails and social networks. Go here:

It won’t cost you anything, and maybe this will be the most important gift you give this season! ​

Many blessings and thanks!

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19 thoughts on “Got kids in public school?

  1. A film against indoctrination in order to persuade people to home school and indoctrinate? I am just waiting for the one where they suggest math and science are the devil’s temptation. More sensationalist propaganda.

    1. Sometimes Mikey you are right on point other times not so much. Perhaps you should have a conversation with an “old school” teacher. One that been teaching for 40 years. The few that I know don’t like common core at all. Many states teacher organizations have come out against common core. Perhaps I will watch this movie in a couple of days when I find the time.

      1. Toward the end is the national head of a teacher’s association. He clearly spells out their union isn’t about the kids, it’s about power. Truth speaks volumes – all they ask for is smaller classes and more money. Teachers need to reform their profession!

      2. If you are talking about what Bob Chanin said, he’s not even the head of the NEA. He was the general counsel. If you read the sum of his retirement speech, he is saying the NEA is the most effective advocate because of the support they receive as a union. To say the NEA does not care about children is splitting hairs. He goes on to say that the interests of children guides the work they do and the NEA’s power will help them achieve their vision of a great public school for every child.

        I support whatever choice a parent makes regarding the education of their kids. I do not support vilifying public education or any legit form of education with unsubstantiated invective. Especially when we have conservatives willing to sanitize history. How is that any different from accusing public education of teaching kids to be gay, athetistic, and anti-America? It’s the same.

  2. Yes, I do, and wouldn’t have them anywhere else! Homeschooling is indoctrination, public schooling is not. It’s a myth, much like the “war on Christmas.”
    Yes, we’re falling behind the rest of the world because we test, test, and then test again. That’s pointless, and does nothing to teach kids critical thinking skills. I do agree that unions are a huge problem. The school my kids go to don’t have a union (yes, it’s still public). I think that makes a vast difference in the quality of education they’re getting.

      1. Common core is applied to everything they learn. It’s a way of teaching, it’s not content, it’s learning outcomes. They’re learning a lot. Common Core isn’t necessarily that bad. The issue with it, is that it was too broadly applied. It should have been applied to the incoming kindergarten class and every class after, not to every class when it had never been done before. If it was, you wouldn’t have had the issues that are going on right now.
        The testing they’re going to do on it is infuriating. It’s nothing more than money in the pockets of those who produce the test and the dirtbag politicians in the pockets of the testing companies.

        1. They are teaching to the test! Islam is covered extensively, Christianity can’t be mentioned. They watch on line indoctrination videos, and of course global warming is real and solar and wind will replace fossil fuels. But you will never know what is really taught.

  3. ANYONE who reads this and had Howard Haug at B.J.H.S. WILL tell you, that you DO NOT need books to teach a class! That’s just some other IDIOTS perspective of HOW things OUGHT to be! He taught Earth Science, and for those of us WILLING to learn, MANY of us went into such fields, as he taught us-HANDS ON lapidary skills, stone cutting, and basic geology! To this day, it was the BEST course I had at Dist 87, and he was also popular with the students-heck, we even stayed after school to finish projects. If one “disassembles” modern textbooks (with FEW exceptions) you could take the “guts” of the book and print a pamphlet! That’s WHY we have the politicians, media, reporters, and leaders? that we do today, because they THINK the world is 6000 years old and men rode dinosaurs! You think Bohr, Einstein, Curie, Fermi, et. al, USED a darn textbook?? No! They blew up labs and DID experiments!

  4. “Islam is covered extensively, Christianity can’t be mentions. They watch on line indoctrination videos, and of course global warming is real and solar and wind will replace fossil fuels. But you will never know what is really taught.”
    That’s just ridiculous. Take of the tin foil hat.

  5. My experience with common core is that my oldest child was not taught using the common core method, but my youngest child was. Granted, they each may have a different style of learning and/or “ability,” but my youngest child was not taught how to do calculations using numbers in math class. The classroom lessons was geared to the lowest common denominator in aptitude. As a result, there are gaps in that part of his education. My oldest child did not have those gaps.

    It is my belief that religious education as well as sex education belong in the home whether a child attends a public or private school.

    After High School graduation, they can form their own opinions which will probably change over time and reflect their parent’s influence.

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