Congrats Tari

Tari Renner made the Pantagraph top stories for 2015:

On Tari was the number one most read story:

Hopefully 2016 will be better.

Happy New Year!

14 thoughts on “Congrats Tari

  1. It’s REALLY a SAD state of affairs when a local “leader” makes the headlines because he not only insulted or slandered INTENDED parties, but ALSO offended others and reflected bad on THE CITY AS A WHOLE!! A friend from New Mexico even sent me the story and asked what it was all about. He asked me if we were so redneck that we still have to “sweep coon farts out of the kitchen in the morning”?? Thanks Tari!

  2. He manipulated the story to the Ragagraph and to the council to make it seem like it was all about defending his son. Who already was out here on the interweb clearly stating he was with the IWU college democrats. How do we know if he had not been out at Rosie’s just prior to his Renner Rant after having a few or more than a few adult beverage’s ?
    How about the night he exited the council rumor has it that he was again at Rosie’s just before the meeting. Clearly he goes there based on his using tax money to hang out with all his fellow democrats on the council and past member. He should have resigned but NO home rule we are stuck with Renner and his oversight “Mother’ Diana Hauman.
    New Year time for more people to exit this city of ranting about awards and not about getter done.

    1. Attending a council meeting while under the influence is grounds for censure–at least for council-members–not sure about the mayor.

  3. It’s sad that Normal is a more appealing place to live than Bloomington. I’m in the market for a new house, and won’t even consider Bloomington because of it’s leadership. There’s some really nice houses there, but not with the baggage that Tari and his council have created.

      1. True, but homes in the country are very few and far between when it comes to them being for sale.

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