B/N: Higher Taxes Coming!

By:  Diane Benjamin

So far the residents of Normal haven’t cared that Koos is stealing more money from them every year to so he can finish his vision.  Will you care this time?

These 2 emails were received under the Freedom of Information Act – Bloomington is getting slightly better at complying with the law, but they still don’t understand some parts.  (Another story someday)

Bloomington added a 4 cents a gallon Motor Fuel Tax this year.  The prices should have been 4 cents higher in Bloomington, but that would have meant people just bought in Normal instead.

Normal is now going to have their own .04 tax – but you weren’t suppose to know.  That will raise the prices in BOTH cities because Bloomington stations won’t have to eat the increase to be competitive.  Much of the country is enjoying REALLY cheap gas, your government is preventing you from having the same.



Here’s the big question:

Other than raising garbage fees again, why does David Hales and Patti-Lynn Silva care what Normal is up to?

Looks like Normal is getting a gas tax and higher garbage fees.

Evidently the residents of Bloomington-Normal don’t understand why people left their country and came here.  Your liberty is slowly being stripped away by progressives with an agenda.

Like lambs to the slaughter . . . .



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