Normal: Providing chuckles (at your expense)

By:  Diane Benjamin

Normal’s government is a never-ending supply of giggles as they attempt to “control” behavior.  Since the Mayor owns a bike shop, it’s easy for him to justify biking.  I’ve written before and shown pictures of the grand street plans that will evidently promote bikes.  Nobody has explained how narrowing intersections does that, but since when does government have to answer questions.

Here’s one of the previous stories:

I also posted pictures of tire marks on the new concrete: 

Pretty flowers were planted on the new bump-outs, but that didn’t stop people from driving over them or rubbing their tires against them.  Hey Chris:  It might have something to do with the intersections being too narrow to drive!  Let’s see a fire engine make one of those corners!

Never fear, Normal has solved the problem.  They have given up on pretty and gone straight to “Can you see it now?”.  Wonder if armed guards is the next step, or maybe Normal police writing tickets for improper lane usage.  Area residents might get lucky if we get a big snow – the plows can take them out for you.

Here’s the new pics:

Marking the posts Bryan Robert Bryan post pretty good

6 thoughts on “Normal: Providing chuckles (at your expense)

  1. I always wondered how the Mayor got around the conflict of interest? Golly gee owning a bike shop and using public money to increase biking certainly seems like a conflict of interest to me. Oh well it must be one of the perks of being a politician as they all do it.

  2. I’m gonna play devils advocate here and just guess that the sticks will come up after plowing season is over with.

  3. Diana, you just don’t understand. These whole VERY expensive modifications are to force YOU, the evil auto owner, to stay behind the biker at intersections. That way, when they ignore stop signs, make illegal turns, and routinely violate other traffic laws, they are at least more visible and less likely to suffer consequences for their bad behaviors. Ticket bicyclists for violating the “Rules of the Road”?–“No In Our Town”!

  4. Great idea, but won’t help, because Car owners aren’t in the “cool group” down at City Hall, and selective enforcement reigns in BLN/NL. Apologize for the misspelling of your name.

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