Constitution DIED without a shot fired

By:  Diane Benjamin

Our elected officials take an Oath of Office to Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution of the United states of America.

Where in the Constitution does it say the President makes Immigration laws?

Where does it say the President can change laws, like ObamaCare, when ever he feels like it?

Campaigning for election, just a few weeks ago, the Republicans pledged to stop the lawlessness of Obama.  They were lying.  Last night they voted to fund the government until next September.  No fight, no standing up for citizens, no demanding the border be closed, no thought about the generational theft we are passing to future generation.

The entire Illinois delegation handed the President exactly what he wanted.  Every time the GOP takes a vote the people don’t want, they say we will fight next time.  Next time never comes.

Below is their rating from Conservative Review based on their voting record:

Name Score Years in DC Next Election
IL-14 Rep. Randy Hultgren C 78%       3    2016
IL-6 Rep. Peter Roskam D 64%       7    2016
IL-15 Rep. John Shimkus F 49%      17    2016
IL-18 Rep. Aaron Schock F 47%      5    2016
IL-13 Rep. Rodney Davis F 47%     1    2016
IL-16 Rep. Adam Kinzinger F 46%    3    2016

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Where did Adam Kinzinger start his political career?  Aaron Schock?

They learned at the local level how to avoid accountability, mainly because the local press fawns over them instead of being a watchdog.

Both the elected and the press have made the Constitution immaterial.  Where does it stop when winning the next election is all they care about and too many people will fall for their lies again?

Illegal aliens will get green cards from Obama.  They will be allowed to work legally, but they won’t qualify for ObamaCare.  Employers can hire illegals and save themselves the expense of providing health insurance because the employer mandate won’t apply.  When you are replaced in favor of an illegal alien, remember who didn’t care enough to fight.

10 thoughts on “Constitution DIED without a shot fired

  1. Ive tried contacting Aaron Shocks office a few times. They are terrible getting back to you. He needs to get voted out.

    1. I had a long conversation with his chief of staff. The oath of office is meaningless. I heard the same same talking points I heard from Rodney Davis on the radio yesterday. They didn’t read the bill and were lied to by leadership. All the guy cared about was the district, not the country.

    1. Because the party platform holds my values. I do not vote for any of them that don’t practice the party platform. Green is communists, libertarians are misguided on drug policies.

      1. Holding your values? But do they work for or uphold you values? I think if they did, we wouldn’t be in such the mess that we are. Neither the dems or the repubs are worth a hill of beans. It would be refreshing to see websites such as yours and many more to finally support some third party options due to principle rather than lamenting the “they can’t win” senario and continue to be caught up in the supporting of the lesser of two evils campaign. As we the people far outnumber the establishment why do you keep supporting them?

  2. Hell if the other 80% of the people who didn’t vote could get excited about an alternative candidate then the establishment would be toast. But it’s gonna take massive support from the alternative media. Will you be one of the first or continue to sit on the sidelines?

  3. Diane- I can never say enuf. You are a voice in the wilderness, but I believe (hope) the tide is changing. The future may record you as visionary. The current media (Pantagraph) will never make the list. Patriots need to be vigilant with whom they want to follow. We need a major change in leadership (parties) , but need to be very careful! BO has a silver tongue, and many more will appear. Be careful and judge by their actions, not by their words. The powers to be don’t like you shinning a light on their actions, but patriots know!

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