More hiding documents from Mayor Transparency

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below is the other Freedom of Information Act request I filed in October that was completely ignored by the City of Bloomington (Tari Renner).  I spoke about this one at Monday’s Council meeting, see the video posted yesterday.

Diane Benjamin <[email protected]>                    Oct 27
to Tracey
I am requesting the following information under the Freedom of Information Act:
Payroll report from the Coliseum (all employees) for year ended 12/31/13
Total Concession Sales broken down by stand for the Jason Aldean Concerts Feb 21st and 22nd of 2014.
The Attorney General’s website states that records in the possession of a contractor ARE subject to FOIA.

Today I got an answer from the City, way past the 5 day requirement in the Freedom of Information Law.  Click on it to enlarge, I didn’t want to give bull much page space.


The City of Bloomington is hiding documents on purpose.  I didn’t mention at the Council meeting that hiding documents becomes a felony January 1st.

The City of Bloomington owns the Micros equipment.  When the City owns the equipment they have the right to the reports.  They bought the equipment so they could see the reports.  If they do review what John Butler and BMI Concessions collects from a City owned asset, then they should have no problem giving me the documents.  If they aren’t reviewing them they are NOT doing their fiduciary duty to the citizens of Bloomington.  Butler could collect $200,000 and not pay the City their share per the contract and citizens would never know!

I included a link to the Attorney General’s website with the FOIA request.  They have ruled that documents in the possession of City contractors are covered under the Freedom of Information Act.  The people in Bloomington paying the bills deserve to know the payroll and concession sales at their asset.  It’s not John Butlers or Bart Rogers asset – it belongs to taxpayers!

Instead of complying with the law, the City has chosen again to hide information from the people paying the bills.  I will add it to the next lawsuit.  The City evidently has no problem paying lawyers to fight me.  Do citizens?


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