My lawsuit against Bloomington continues

By:  Diane Benjamin

I was in court again this morning.  The City of Bloomington had filed another motion to dismiss, the judge denied it.  City lawyers seem to think they can write the law however fits them.  The judge didn’t agree.

Meanwhile, taxpayers of Bloomington have most likely spent thousands of dollars to NOT be transparent.  (Lawyer Jeff Jurgens @ $175 per hour) I filed the lawsuit because FOUR Freedom of Information Act requests were denied in about 2 weeks.  I’m sure they assumed I would file an objection with Lisa Madigan’s Public Access Office and maybe hear from them in a year or two.  A lawsuit wasn’t on their radar.

Mayor Transparency:  How long are you going to allow this charade to continue since you claim to be so transparent?

By the way Mayor, refusing to comply with requests filed after the original lawsuit aren’t helping the City’s case.  I can always file another lawsuit if necessary.

Maybe I will wait to file more FOIA requests until January 1st when it becomes a felony to withhold documents.  Seems like the only way to actually get transparency in government, at least Bloomington’s.


2 thoughts on “My lawsuit against Bloomington continues

  1. You go girl! No one is above the law, but sometimes you have to show the arrogant power abusing tyrants that fact. Obeying the law isn’t optional…. we are free and equal.

  2. 2015 will be great since you can always count on Renner to keep violating the law. Pelo get ready, Mayor PILF just might be your celi in the near future.

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