Normal gets Delphied again

By:  Diane Benjamin

Look up the Delphi method.  It’s an established technique to make you agree with an agenda as “facts” are presented to support what the seller wants you to buy.

Many people in Normal believe in the Uptown concept and now Uptown 2.  Personal property rights must be sacrificed for the greater good.  Progress.  Debt and higher taxes are immaterial, the real goal is to affect how you live your life.  Government wants to socially engineer the future even if it clearly violates the role government was designed to play in society.  Should government force change or should you be allowed decide your own future?

Koos wants people living in 250 square feet.  Uptown 2 is pack-’em-and-stack-’em living and it’s not for students at ISU.  Schools are brainwashing kids into wanting “sustainable living”.  Koos wants to build it for them.  Of course shopping will be available at ground level so a car is unnecessary, then you can walk or ride your bike to work.  If you live in Normal, but not in a few square blocks surrounding Uptown, you are nothing more than the piggy bank to fund Koos’s utopia.

How did Farr Associates/Julie Hile use Delphi?  The crowd last night had a clicker so they could vote.  Pictures of various areas of Normal were shown, then participants voted Yes or No if they liked it.  The pictures in the areas to be affected were taken on an overcast day with weather-killed plants.  It was staged to illicit no votes, thus promoting the agenda.  A road with cars parked on both sides of the street was also staged to illicit no votes.

Normal, you have a choice.  You rolled over and let Koos build Uptown. Are you going to roll over again?  I don’t think anybody not in the Koos loop is running for City Council.  You have until Monday to file petitions.

If you don’t fight back get ready for more debt and taxes.  Illinois can’t file bankruptcy, luckily Normal can.  People vote with their feet Mayor.  Maybe they won’t take you on directly but they also aren’t going to stay around and get raped either.

Many of our ancestors came here to escape tyranny and live in freedom.  The people who stay in Normal are willingly submitting to tyranny.

Koos’s motivation is Climate Change.  Ask him about the settled science.

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4 thoughts on “Normal gets Delphied again

  1. Clickers??? Wow, it’s a new low that the anti-American, socialist/communist crowd will stoop. However you are right BLN it’s textbook brainwashing technique. Why else would anyone accept the suffocating tenants of Communism rather than the freedoms and liberties as guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution? Welcome to the Koos and Renner anti-American culture change.

  2. I agree with this post except for this comment: Schools are brainwashing kids into wanting “sustainable living”. Not true. I work at ISU, we’re not brainwashing kids, at all. In fact, none of this stuff interests them, trust me. They want a car, not a bike, they want a big house, not a studio.

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