The Hales report

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington citizens should read City manager David Hales’ Monthly Report.  It looks like many many hours are put into it, that might explain why the staff is over-worked.  The September report can be seen here: There are a few interesting things.  Renner really wants to expand the library.  Meanwhile the number […]

Transparency Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin Transparency has a strange meaning to Bloomington.  They love to tout how transparent they are, but their version of transparency means knowing what they want you to know, not truth. How transparent was Paradigm?  Weren’t you led to believe Bloomington wasn’t involved until after Rob Fazzini left the Council?  (See previous posts) […]

Trust government?

By:  Diane Benjamin Much of the news about the City Council meeting last night concerned the Brady grant and Central Catholic.  It was illuminating to see how the conversation turned from “this is the only use for the $750,000” to now “we can use it for any park or trail project”.  Sen Bill Brady was […]

Council: The media won’t report this!

By:  Diane Benjamin Tonight the Council voted to NOT buy the 4 acres by McGraw Park for use by Central Catholic High School as a practice football field.   Jim Fruin recused himself, the vote was unanimous. At the first meeting there was much hand-wringing about accepting $750,000 from a bankrupt state.  Some aldermen stated that somebody […]

The REAL story of Bloomington Employees

by:  Diane Benjamin One prominent story the City of Bloomington uses to push for more money is “We cut over 100 jobs”.  It was nice of them to include a chart with the financial statements for the year ending 4/30/14.  The statements will be discussed at tonight’s Council meeting. Here’s the chart:  (click it to […]

A little more Paradigm

By:  Diane Benjamin Here are some more emails I received under the Freedom of Information Act from the Town of Normal.  The first two shows again that Bloomington was involved in the Paradigm deal BEFORE Rob Fazzini quit the Council.  Once again, in Illinois this is not a crime!  Ethical?  Since when does that matter! […]

Bloomington Agenda for tonight:

by:  Diane Benjamin In the consent Agenda – which means the potted plants are supposed to not question, just vote yes: Analysis of Request for Proposal (RFP) and Contract Award to Anderson Building Services, Inc. for Fire Headquarters Station Kitchen Remodel, (RFP 2015 – 40). (Recommend that the RFP for Fire Headquarters Station Kitchen Remodel […]