How government parties on YOUR dime

By:  Diane Benjamin

Since a big majority of people want to hear more about Paradigm, I’m reading the vast amount of information I received under the Freedom of Information Act from the Town of Normal.  Thanks for the workload folks.

When I find something interesting, not necessarily related to Paradigm, I’m going to stop reading and post it.

I’ve heard Bloomington Mayor Renner talk like running Bloomington is like running a corporation.  He used it to justify the high salary paid to David Hales.  Normal evidently thinks the same way.

Here’s the email:

StarvedRock2Maybe companies holds staff retreats paid for from their profits, but cities?  They aren’t spending profits – they are spending YOUR money!

Are the staff in need of a vacation?  Why Starved Rock?  How many citizens in Normal could never afford 2 days at a resort?

Did the Council attend?  How many “staff” went?  October 23rd was a Thursday, did Town offices close down?

How about somebody sending them a Freedom of Information Act Request for who attended and the total cost?  The citizens, who just got more tax increases, have a right to know.  I’m booked.

Email me for how to do it.


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