Bike lanes put to good use

By:  Diane Benjamin

This is a picture of the Bike lanes on Jersey Avenue.  Government thinks it can dictate expected behavior of citizens.  Since Americans refuse to be dictated to, government is forced to take stronger action.  Get ready for action to force compliance.


7 thoughts on “Bike lanes put to good use

  1. Piles of leaves block and obscure streets and roadways all over town every year because inconsiderate folks insist on raking them into the street instead of leaving them on the parkway to await the city vacuum trucks — the piles clog storm drains and make parking a hassle in lots of neighborhoods. This is not unique to bike lanes.

  2. Oh, and since you refuse to be dictated to, I presume you avoided the road and drove on the sidewalk here and across the fields on your way into town? LOL! 🙂

  3. It will all go away when a cyclist dies after a car door gets opened and they run into it. Perhaps the city will realize what a huge mistake they made. What is happening to public safety? this is not it….

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