Renner, Koos, and Net Neutrality

by:  Diane Benjamin

Net Neutrality hasn’t received the attention is should.  First, you have to understand what it is.  Government creates names, like the Affordable Care Act, to make people believe it’s a good thing.  Is the Affordable Care Act affordable?  Maybe it is if you are using other people’s money to cover part of the cost.  For the rest of us, absolutely NOT.

Net Neutrality is no different.  It’s really government control of the Internet.  This morning I received this via email from a left-wing group:

Huge news: Yesterday, President Obama made good on his promise to stand up for the Internet.1 He called on the FCC in the strongest possible way to save the Internet by undoing a Bush-era deregulation scheme and reclassifying broadband as a public utility under Title II.

What happens when government regulates?  The Internet is free and open now, it won’t be under government regulation.  Instead of improving access, it will limit it.  Heavy Internet users, like Netflix, will be required to pay more and charge you more.  Comcast doesn’t like their users dropping cable, so they run to government to squash competition.

Last June both Koos and Renner attended a Mayors Conference in Texas.  Taxpayers are footing the bill for many conferences that promote government control, but they rarely report it.  Mayors return with lots of ideas leaving the citizens to wonder where that came from.  Ask Koos where he got the idea to narrow intersections.  Citizens are unknowingly funding their own destruction.

Tari reported at the June 23, 2014 Council meeting that Net Neutrality was unanimously approved at the conference.  Watch the short video:

Knowing what Net Neutrality means should tell you everything you need to know about Renner and Koos.  Both love big government control, and therefore oppose freedom.








4 thoughts on “Renner, Koos, and Net Neutrality

  1. He continues to carry out an Obama progressive agenda at the local level while pointing the finger at others for bringing national politics to the local level. He is a fraud.

  2. watch the internet providers be forced to drastically raise rates due to this. another progressive tax just like minimum wage, living wage, etc.

  3. It’s clear that you don’t understand what net neutrality is and only hate it because it President Obama supports it. What we currently have in the internet is net neutrality, that is all data from different websites are treated equally in that they all load at the same speed (the speed you pay your ISP for like 25mbps). Without net neutrality, Internet Service Providers like Comcast and AT&T could charge companies like Netflix or Google to pay large sums of money or else slow down their speed (or even block them). This would be absolutely devastating to small businesses and tech start-ups who would struggle to pay these ISP’s (most of which are monopolies) in order for their data to stream efficiently to consumers.

    Please read this web comic ‘The Oatmeal’ wrote in response to Senator Ted Cruz’s idiotic tweet regarding net neutrality:
    (Might I also that Sen. Cruz received significant campaign contributions from Comcast so it’s no secret who he stands with on this issue; HINT HINT: not the citizens).

    John Oliver’s rant in support of Net Neutrality also went viral. I strongly recommend that you watch that as well:

    1. We miss the point. Government control of anything is not good. We are either a free society of we aren’t. Leaving the market free works out problems. Government control will stifle innovation.

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