The Hales report

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington citizens should read City manager David Hales’ Monthly Report.  It looks like many many hours are put into it, that might explain why the staff is over-worked.  The September report can be seen here:

There are a few interesting things.  Renner really wants to expand the library.  Meanwhile the number of visitors is down now 3 years in a row.

lib2The City Clerk has an interesting graph listing the number of items on the agenda compared to last year.  Obviously government is growing as they take on more and more items.  Maybe this is why some meetings have 400-600 page packets the Aldermen need to digest before meetings.



That leads me to one more graph.  I don’t remember any of these goals ever being discussed during a Council meeting.  This is a discussion that should be taking place.  I’m sure a large number of citizens will be offended by what government thinks is their job.  Obviously Bloomington is not run by people who believe “government IS the problem”.  (Click to enlarge)

Some of the items ARE the responsibility of government, many are not.  Your tax money is funding them anyway.  Let me know your thoughts.


8 thoughts on “The Hales report

  1. Goals one thru three = basic government services, which most expect (although not being currently provided… i.e. degrading road and water infrastructure). Goals four thru six = increased (or diverted) taxes.

  2. I’m curious what blnnews readers consider “needs” when it comes to leisure and recreation opportunities. For me its definitely parks. I also really like the constitution trail. For my family its a need. We use it almost every day when its warm enough (and some days it isn’t). The performing arts center, coliseum, and golf courses are not a need for sure.

      1. Here’s my criteria:
        Is it free for all citizens to use?
        Parks? yes. Constitution Trail? yes. Library? yes.
        BCPA? No. Pools? No. Golf? No. Coliseum? Ha!
        If the taxpayers are paying for it, all taxpayers should have the benefit.

        I get sick of taxing everybody to pay for entertainment for the well-off.

  3. If Bloomington sharply focused on achieving the first two goals, then the others would follow. Have solid infrastructure and our financial house in order, then private business will want to locate here. However, these are not the “sexy” topics. It’s much easier to yammer on about vision and Downtown and throw in the buzzword “sustainable.” But when it comes to actually rolling up the sleeves and focusing and doing the hard work . . . that’s what’s lacking. Actual action.

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