What Hath Government Wrought?

Biggest problems facing the country:

(in no particular order)

  • massive debt
  • illegal immigration
  • high unemployment
  • high energy prices
  • housing crisis
  • healthcare costs

What do they all have in common?

Government CAUSED them!

  • massive debt – obvious, we are adding over $1 Trillion of debt a year
  • illegal immigration – Federal government has failed it’s duty as required in the Constitution to secure the borders
  • over regulation of business – Affordable Care Act isn’t done, but it’s already 18,000 pages.  In his first 2 years Obama added 163,756 pages of regulations to the Code of Regulation.  No coherent tax policy.  Would you hire?
  • over regulation of energy sources – gas prices near double and electricity rates rising because of the EPA and Obama’s push for “Green” energy.  Federal lands expanded and put off-limits for energy production.
  • housing crisis – Caused by the Community Reinvestment Act.  Banks were FORCED to lend money to people unqualified for loans
  • healthcare costs – Congress refuses to pass common sense reforms, lawyers lobby blocks tort reform, free markets are non-existent in healthcare

Yes – this is the simplified version!  Still think LIMITED GOVERNMENT is a bad idea?  What problems exist NOT caused by government?

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