More Agenda 21 in Normal – Koos: Activists Obstructionists

by Diane Benjamin

Below is a video of an event held May 23, 2012 in Normal.  Since it only had 18 views, I assume you missed it.  Mayor Koos speaks starting around 4 minutes to around 9.  He discusses curb side recycling and how 9 out of 10 citizens attending and speaking at a council meeting were against it.  He also discusses how a small group of local activists express their opinions and attempt to block progress ‘everyone’ wants.  He likes to site unspecified studies.  Koos wants like-minded citizens to speak, the rest can Sit Down and Shut Up.  Recycling was very successful (quoting Koos) with drop off points.  Government stepped in anyway and cost citizens more money.  Under Koos, citizens need government help, they can’t be  responsible citizens on their own.

Mayors Round Table

I hope you watched the Agenda 21 video from yesterday.  Listen to the last line in the video below.   Sustainable!  Classic Agenda 21 speak.  I’m sure future language will not include it.

Electric Vehicles, EV Town

Did you know that we were on an unsustainable path?  America was born seeing problems and fixing them – the people, not government.  We are not “usustainable”!  We do not want government engineering our economy, the environment, and any other aspect of our lives.  We certainly don’t want the United Nations dictating where we live, what we eat, and cramming us into high-rise apartment so we can be easily controlled.

Mr. Mayor:  Either you know exactly what you are doing or you have been brainwashed.  Yes, I know about the trip to Robert Redford’s place and all the left wing mayor’s conferences the citizens generously paid for.

In case you missed yesterday’s video:

We will not sit down and shut up!

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  1. Your first paragraph describing Koos fits him to a “T.” I wonder at what point it was in his life that he abandoned the principles of U.S. Constitution and fell into the arms of Marxism, Fascism, Communism, or whatever “ism” fits him best. Hopefully in this next go around, the citizens of Normal will abandon King Koos at the ballot box.

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