Dangerous Crosswalks in Normal

By: Diane Benjamin I’ve written before about a dangerous crosswalk on Raab Road: https://blnnews.com/2020/07/14/raab-road-is-a-death-waiting-to-happen/ The Town of Normal trains people on Constitution Trail to think vehicles will stop for them just because lines are painted on the road and there is a pole in the middle of the street. The Normal police had to do […]

You thought Unit 5 was good?

By: Diane Benjamin A friend sent me this video, Normal was #9. Shockingly, the narrator stated Normal schools rated an F! I emailed the video creator to ask where her information came from and she referred me to this site: https://www.areavibes.com/normal-il/schools/ She included this disclaimer: Source:  The Normal, IL education data displayed above is derived […]

Normal recount Part 2

By:  Diane Benjamin Last week I wrote about the review of signatures of some voters in Normal:  https://blnnews.com/2017/05/06/normals-vote-recount/ The McLean County Clerk has the signatures on file for the purpose matching the voter with that signature on election day.  Since voter ID isn’t required, it’s quite easy for anyone to pick the name of a […]

Normal thinks your money is theirs

By:  Diane Benjamin Remember that anonymous letter I received:   https://blnnews.com/2016/10/27/i-cant-stop-smiling/ I filed this FOIA request based on the information in that letter.  Note:  This was NOT a Town of Normal employee who gave me the tip, it was a fed up taxpayer. Per the Constitution of the State of Illinois:  http://www.ilga.gov/commission/lrb/con8.htm You work hard or […]

Normal’s DEBT!

By:  Diane Benjamin Last night Normal voted to waste more taxpayer money on consultants.  They already know they want an expensive underpass, but they are spending $1.4 million+ on another study anyway. As of March 31, 2016:  http://warehouse.illinoiscomptroller.com/LandingPage.cfm?code=064/095/31&searchtype=allunits&originalSearchString=Normal%20-%20a%20Town%20in%20Mclean%20County%20-%20064/095/31&CFID=11824458&CFTOKEN=2f4040be3c789a16-9F1393A4-5056-93B5-5E7A726C9A88D866 From the link above – click View Data – Indebtedness 2014 Total Debt:  $86,788,630 2015 Total Debt:  […]

Big Spending Environmentalists running Normal

by Diane Benjamin First Fact:  The whole Global Warming, Global Cooling, Climate change propaganda that is bankrupting the entire globe is being slowly debunked by actual science – see prior post: http://blnnews.com/2012/06/25/significant-evidence-that-mankind-has-an-insignificant-impact-on-the-climate-of-planet-earth/   If you really do believe in global warming, how many billions or trillions of dollars are you willing to spend with no guarantee the […]

More Agenda 21 in Normal – Koos: Activists Obstructionists

by Diane Benjamin Below is a video of an event held May 23, 2012 in Normal.  Since it only had 18 views, I assume you missed it.  Mayor Koos speaks starting around 4 minutes to around 9.  He discusses curb side recycling and how 9 out of 10 citizens attending and speaking at a council […]

Normal Illinois Saves the Country!

by:  Diane Benjamin CPA, reg http://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/article_f82ad694-a293-11df-8558-001cc4c03286.html The total cost figures for the multi-modal transportation station vary from report to report – but I will use the ones listed in the Pantagraph above: Total Cost:                      $43,300,000 Tiger grant:                    $22,000,000 […]

Notes on Normal from CityWatch

Today’s Pantagraph reports in headline fashion on tonight’s Normal Town Council meeting.  The Pantagraph coverage highlights apparently what it considers the most impacting items on the agenda as rural Towanda’s ambulance service and bus service to Normal’s new train station. My point here is certainly not to downplay or minimize the importance of emergency vehicles or emergency response.   Obviously a critical […]

Modest Pensions – Unit 5

Per Capita Personal Income 2010-2011 per the Town of Normal Financial Statements Page 137:  $38,882 The average HOUSEHOLD income in Normal from 2006-2010 was $50,304 http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/17/1753234.html 246 of the 361 retirees received more in retirement than the per person income in Normal 186 of the 361 retirees received more in retirement than the average HOUSEHOLD […]

Normal Il – What is Up With the Debt?

by Diane Benjamin The Normal Mayor and City Council decided the outlined area in the picture below was blighted and needed to be redeveloped. They filed a plan and deemed this area a Tax Increment Financing site (TIF).  They have purchased A LOT of properties and gave some away.  More on that below.  Click on […]

Will the Heartland College Windmill Save Money?

by Diane Benjamin  CPA reg. Many factors are not available for analysis of this project.  This process must continually be updated when REAL data becomes available.  Some of the factors are: Cost per KWH for purchased electricity over the next 20 years – it most likely will not remain constant Amount of electricity generated by […]

How much Debt is Town of Normal In?

Bonded and Similar Indebtedness-Table 5 CAFR Governmental Activities  2005   $25,660,985 2011    $ 78 772,163 306% increase Business-Type Activities  2005    $ 3,235,735 2011     $ 11,346,261 350% Increase Total 2005    $  28,896,720 2011     $  90,118,424 311% increase 311% Increase in Long Term Debt in 7 Years!