I can’t stop smiling . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin

My smile is not because the Cubs won last night, they still have three more games to win!  Go Cubs Go

This is why:

I have to show you a very small part of an anonymous letter I received in the mail today.  I have received these kinds of letters before, but most don’t have enough detail for me to pursue anything.  Since I have nobody to contact, I can’t do anything with the information.

This letter was different – yes, I am pursuing the information.  A LOT of what I write about comes from tips.  Most aren’t anonymous, just people who care about the truth.  I appreciate every one of them!

What I want you to see is the opening paragraph:  (my scanner scans crooked – sorry)


I will be smiling for most of the day!


BlnNews.com is growing because people see the documentation I include to prove what I write.

Then you share the stories.

Without you sharing stories, BlnNews can’t grow.

Truth matters and the ever-increasing number of readers means truth matters to them too.


If you can help, I’d appreciate it!

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  1. People of importance DO read this blog. The current elected officials should be very concerned providing those like the writer of the letter vote. Keep smiling, Diane!


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