Did you know this about Normal?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Prairie City Soccer League is losing it’s soccer complex on the airport property at the end of next year.  They had a lot of time to raise money for their own new complex.  They claimed in a proposal from 2013 to have over 3000 kids participating.

Keep in mind the Pony League Fields across the street were built entirely with private dollars.

PCSL evidently didn’t want to own and control their own complex.  Normal is happy to fund more entertainment and therefore control more entertainment dollars:

soccorPage 2:  http://normal.org/DocumentCenter/Home/View/7457

If taxpayers don’t change who they vote for . . .

they will own a soccer complex.  I wonder if PCSL didn’t want to own a complex because they wanted taxpayers on the hook for building and maintenance?

The answer is pretty obvious, the question is WHY?

I remember the presentation they gave.  People from all over the Midwest would flock here for tournaments.  The facility would be state of the art!

Why would any group voluntarily surrender autonomy to government?

Sure you want your kids playing soccer?

How much will taxes be raised to build it? 

3 thoughts on “Did you know this about Normal?

  1. The P & R Master Plan will be incorporated into the Normal Comprehensive Plan currently in development. Comprehensive Plans become ordinances “etched in stone.”


  2. My great-nephew comes for tournaments a few times a year. They are from Springfield, so it is true that people outside our communities will come here for tournaments. But is it really worth it for the taxpayers to foot this bill for a few tournaments? I know the fields are used much more than a few times a year but this proposal seems a waste of funds.


    1. From what I understand, the proposed building is supposed to function as an indoor, year-round recreational facility for all citizens with the hope of occasionally attracting out-of-town teams for competitions. The Town of Normal will control the scheduling. There will be “completion” between all of the factions within the city for use of the facility. Let the games begin after the taxes are raised again!!


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