ISU and the Occupy Story-Update

See original post from April 30th

This email was sent to the contact person listed in the magazine:


As a graduate of Illinois state I am appalled by the May issue. Two stories are at best left wing propaganda.

The Occupy story says nothing about the true intent of the movement and it attempts to make a hero of a former student. The goal of the founders of Occupy is to take out capitalism. A little research would provide this information, or I have plenty. They are pro-socialist, Marxist, and communist. You glorified a movement to take down America.

The following story on the economy blamed greedy people for the crash of the economy. It makes no mention of the real blame which is the Community Reinvestment Act from 1977 that forced banks to loan money to people unable to ever pay it back. Housing prices rose, people took out equity, they got in way over their heads-then the crash. Prices rose because of increased demand caused by more people able to qualify for loans. Congress failed the country by trying to socially engineer prosperity.

What happened to my Alma Mater? I’m deeply disappointed in both stories being printed as factual. Please stay out of politics. You obviously can’t tell truth from fiction.

The school has enough left wing professors, maybe it’s time for some truth!

When no reply was received,  a similar one was sent to the administration email address since President Bowman’s May letter to Alums is on the fist page.

Days later, no response from them either. Think the issue is going away ISU?

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