Jeers to the Pantagraph and the Town of Normal

In the 5/4/2012 Our Views section, the Pantagraph printed:

Cheers: As Normal’s “uptown” nears completion, applause is due for the town’s vision of sustainability and “green” building.  The most recent touch is the green roof on the new transportation center/city hall, where plants will help cool the interior and perpetuate the oxygen/carbon dioxide cycle necessary for human life.

Say what you will about the cost and “attitude” of uptown, but give credit where it’s due:  We need to preserve our planet in every way we can, and Normal is doing its part.  We only wish it would be more visible to the general public.

Sustainability? Green?  The environmentalist use these as code words for “government is smarter than you and only they will prevent you from destroying the planet! ”  Whether you believe in global warming or not, certainly we can agree bankrupting the citizens to achieve “sustainability” isn’t an option.  We have already seen that on a national level and in Europe.   Apparently Normal doesn’t care about the cost as long as the planet is safe.  When Chris Koos became mayor in 2003 each citizen in Normal was in ZERO debt for long term bonds.  In other words, the prior leadership was fiscally responsible.  By the end of 2011 every CITIZEN of Normal was in $1,888 of debt for long term bonds.

A family of 4 went from -0- long term debt to $7552.

From the 2011 CAFR:

Can the citizens of Normal afford any more of Chris Koos, or the Pantagraph supporting him?

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