Read the propaganda

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below is what the YWCA sent to elected officials.  They left out the word “illegal” when describing the real agenda.

Americans do not have a problem with LEGAL immigrants.  Sneaking into a country or over-staying a visa means that person has no respect for laws or citizens.  They are thinking only about themselves.  What other laws do illegals think are immaterial?

The YWCA, Not In Our Town, and all the other organizations who participated in this May 1st march are an embarrassment to many in Bloomington-Normal.  Border security is essential to keeping us safe.  Marching in solidarity with people who violate the law means no laws matter.  Will Bloomington and Normal want to allow illegals to vote next?

Citizens deserve a government that respects every level of the law.  Our mayors do not respect federal law.  They are risking the safety of all citizens by demanding law enforcement look the other way for people here illegally.

I wonder what the police are thinking?  Blue Lives don’t matter?   Are they suppose to ignore only immigration laws, or do the mayors have other laws they want ignored?

To: Jennifer Carrillo <>
From: Jennifer Carrillo <>
Date: 04/26/2017 04:51PM
Subject: Invitation to May 1st Rally
Dear (Redacted)

As you may know, several community groups (including the Immigration Project, YWCA, IPA, CAUSA, NIOT) are hosting a march and rally in solidarity with immigrants next Monday, May 1st at 5:30pm. For the past decade, May 1st has served as a national day of action to raise awareness on immigrant rights issues and recognize the vital contributions immigrants make to our lives.

Weeks ago, we planned to gather at the McLean County Museum of History and then march over for a rally outside of city hall–which we assumed would be unoccupied. This was, of course, before we found out that the swearing-in ceremony for new council members would be scheduled for the same time.

In order to be respectful of the swearing-in celebration, event organizers have committed to coordinate the rally outside of City Hall such that it does not start until after the swearing-in ceremony has concluded. However, we’d love to use the scheduling opportunity as a chance to give a warm welcome to the new council as a community.

We are reaching out to invite each of you to continue the celebration with us by joining the rally outside of City Hall. At the rally, you will hear from immigrant, faith and community leaders and have the opportunity help us close the day out in song.

We believe this event has the opportunity to bring some great positive energy to the ceremony and bring the city council and immigrant populations together. We hope that you will plan to join us.

In solidarity,

Jenn Carrillo (on behalf of the organizers and leaders of the Keep Families Together Campaign)

Jennifer Carrillo (She/Her/Hers) | Director, Mission Impact
T: 309.662.0461, ext. 265  F: 309.662.4506

McLean County
1201 N. Hershey Road
Bloomington, IL 61704<>

For more than 100 years, YWCA McLean County has been a constant force in the lives of families in our community. We serve women, children, senior citizens, and …



11 thoughts on “Read the propaganda

  1. They aren’t immigrants moron. THEY ARE TRESSPASSERS!! The YWCA should stick to women’s athletic programs and get out of sponsoring social causes. Maybe they have some federal funding that can be yanked?


  2. No one is splitting up families. They are perfectly free to take their families back to Mexico. I’m sure it would be a great cultural experience. Besides why would they want to live on land that was robbed from the Indians and live in this racist oppressive country.


  3. The YWCA nationally, and the BLM office in particular, are a militantly, criminally Leftist organization. Please remember that when you support or participate in ANY of their programs. Or make a United Way contribution, for that matter.


      1. I think it’s a combination of this and then the expenses UW charges at a level that most other charities don’t. When Renner and Co. are taking more of your money for taxes and the state will likely do so soon with an income tax hike, the money to keep the United Way afloat is surpassed by needs of food, clothing, and shelter.


  4. The parents took the chance of their families being split up when they broke the law and entered this country illegally. I am not to blame, it’s not my fault, and I don’t feel sorry for any part of them suffering any consequences of their own actions. Also I don’t like paying their way when every thing I do I have to follow the law or I get in trouble.


  5. As long as we allow people and organizations to disobey the law and promote that disobedience, we are on a sliding downhill slope from which we may never recover. As a legal immigrant who spent 3 years in a refugee camp waiting for a sponsor I say time to get real with illegal immigration. They are just another avenue for Dems to get votes and expect the rest of us to pay for these people. Still paying for Obama phones?? Food stamps, medical care. why???


  6. Really kind of ironic! The Young Womens CHRISTIAN Association wanting to help ILLEGAL immigrant groups, which includes MUSLIMS, which last I checked, where not real “hip” to christians….


  7. The “Keeping Families Together” campaign. The left is so much better at SPIN. They position their work as noble…caring…helping humanity.

    It could also be called the “Come to the US Illegally and we’ll support you” campaign. But they’re so much better as SPINNING the truth and FRAMING their message so the uninformed among them feel like they’re doing something so special…and those of us who want the laws enforced are MEANIES.

    The right has to get better at FRAMING the discussion, or the emotionally-driven left is going to keep running things.


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