Note: this is 2015 – 2016 was worse!

Also note the last paragraph – how did median household income go up?  Mitsubishi hadn’t closed, government employees got increases the private sector didn’t offer.  2016 results will likely tell a different story.
> 2015 GDP growth: -8.0%
> 2015 GDP: $9.37 billion
> Largest GDP detraction: Professional and business services

The Bloomington economy declined by 8.0% in 2015, a larger contraction than any other U.S. metro area. The professional and business services sector accounted for nearly all of the economic contraction in the metro area, shrinking by $945 million. According to credit ratings services firm Moody’s, the professional and business services industry in Illinois is heavily tied to manufacturing and may be losing ground as a result of a sluggish manufacturing industry nationwide. In Bloomington, the manufacturing industry shrank by approximately $20 million in 2015.

Despite reduced economic output, Bloomington residents are still relatively wealthy. The median household income increased from $57,594 in 2014 to $63,842 in 2015, one of the largest increases of any metro area.

Will Tari talk about this story?

(Not a chance, but he will wonder why tax receipts are down)