Bloomington dying under Renner

By:  Diane Benjamin The real story of Bloomington is it is in a steep decline.  We felt it, Moody’s confirmed months ago that Bloomington-Normal is in a recession. Here’s more proof: Bloomington was named the NUMBER ONE city in the country with a shrinking economy! Note: this is 2015 – 2016 was worse! Also […]

Soccer waited too long

By:  Diane Benjamin According to Moody’s, Bloomington-Normal is now in a recession.   See yesterday’s story Here A recession is at least 6 months of stagnant wages, fall in retail sales, contraction of GDP, and high unemployment.  Here it could also mean people have left because opportunities are limited. I wonder if this is why Bloomington […]

Bloomington is in recession

By:  Diane Benjamin It’s not me saying Bloomington is in a recession, it’s: . The report doesn’t go into details about Bloomington – just this statement on page 4: . See the entire report HERE Next month’s primary election just got serious.  Liberal progressives think they need to keep spending money in a recession, conservatives […]

The Depression you never heard of Below are excepts from the article.  Economics is very easy unless the Party in power ignores history.  This depression makes clear Keynesian economics, stimulus, and lose monetary policy by the Fed prevent a real recovery!   Why don’t you know about this Depression?  Facts get in the way for those in authority. The connection between this version of […]

Fly on the Wall – Walmart

I heard Walmart is cutting employee hours.  Seasonal employees they had planned to keep are now laid off.  Employees report business way down. Is the economy so good nobody shops at Walmart anymore? Are all the other stores hiring (Jewel, Kroger, Cub, Meijer, etc) to take care of all the people with pockets full of […]